Projects Financed

EPD Turkey

It has been thanks to SÜRATAM that the necessary workforce and equipment have been found to establish the Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) system in Turkey that is internationally acknowledged and complies with the existing ISO 14025 standard. With this support, EPD Turkey has become the only organization that issues EPD certificates that are compliant with the European EN 15804 standard, particularly for construction materials. By 2017, EPD Turkey had more than 20 members and had issued certificates for various products; thanks to EPD Turkey, Turkish manufacturers have overcome the commercial barriers that resulted from requests of EPD documents, and flow of foreign currency abroad has been prevented. EPD Turkey has also become a member of ECO Platform, which was founded by Construction Products Europe. 

  • Project Date: 2014 – 2015
  • Budget: € 215,750

MAS Certified Green®

MAS Certified Green® is a program that is accredited for performing and labelling volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions tests, which LEED deems mandatory for construction products used indoors. It has been under the management of SÜRATAM that the necessary workforce and technical infrastructure was established to perform VOC emissions tests quickly, cost-effectively and in an internationally accredited way. Today, the MAS Certified Green® certificate – which is required for verification of indoor quality of construction products in green building certification programs – can be issued by SÜRATAM.

  • Project Date: 2017 – 2018
  • Budget: € 120,000

Turkish Life Cycle Inventory Database – TLCID ver.1.0

The development of the life cycle assessment database (TLCID) that defines the conditions in Turkey to create the infrastructure for sustainable manufacturing in industry, and to fulfil its potential for resource and energy efficiency, was one of the projects financed by SÜRATAM. The TLCID database, which contains more than 400 data sets including construction products, chemistry, textile, energy and water, has data most of which has been internationally and independently verified, and is expanding day by day. TLCID ver.1.0 can be used with the international SimaPro LCA software, and formatting for other users in the national and international arena is underway.

  • Project Date: 2014 – Ongoing.
  • Budget: € 321,200

Turkish Construction Materials Environmental Performance Database – TurCoMDat ver.1.0

TurCoMDat, which is used in receiving LCA points from various green building assessment systems (including national systems such as ÇEDBİK or international systems such as LEED, BREEAM, DGNB and HQE) for calculation of environmental performance of buildings, is the first and only database in Turkey that individually demonstrates the environmental indicators of construction products manufactured in Turkey across all life cycle stages.  TurCoMDat will be accessible for assessments of green buildings across Europe and will contribute to exports by Turkish manufacturers of construction products. Efforts are underway to integrate the database to BIM.

  • Project Date: 2016 – Ongoing.
  • Budget: € 185,250