Serhat Batmaz joined SÜRATAM as Business Development Manager. With undergraduate and Master studies in civil engineering and Business administration degrees, Serhat has a total of 25 years of experience, of which 14 years in the public and 11 years in the private sector. Before joining SÜRATAM, he had been CEO and Board Member of HİDROMARK, an engineering consultancy firm, running the company successfully for 11 years.

Serhat will contribute to the development of EPD Turkey, Turkey’s first and only ISO 14025 Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification and registration operator, run by SÜRATAM. Serhat will widen the appeal of EPDs from green buildings to infrastructures and renewable energy sector.

The rapid development of the Green / Sustainable buildings and certification systems, the contractors’ request for environmental performance information from building materials manufacturers. EPD Turkey, which was established in 2013 and started operating in 2014 in order to meet the needs of the market and to protect Turkish building materials producers against potential commercial barriers, has succeeded in becoming one of the leading systems in Europe in a short period of time. By the year 2020, EPD Turkey has had 123 EPD certificates covering 279 products, published by 26 companies from 19 different sectors. Establishment of EPD Turkey has prevented Turkish Building Materials manufacturers to register abroad at very high cost.

With innovations such as the development of Turkish Building Materials EPD / LCA Database (TurCoMDat), SÜRATAM is leading the development of sustainable built environment. TurCoMDat database is available in 9 world languages to promote Turkish construction materials. It is one of the most important sources for building life cycle assessment in Turkey.

Serhat Batmaz, a member of the World Energy Council Turkish National Committee, the Istanbul Technical University Association, the Chamber of Civil Engineers and the Association of Geosynthetics. He has mang publications in refereed journals, graduate of Istanbul Technical University and also held business administration degree.

 The Board welcomes Serhat and wish him every success in his role.