Construction Materials




International Organizations

ECO Platform

ECO Platform is an entity that was established by Construction Products Europe, with the main objective of ensuring harmonization with the EN 15804 standards to provide environmental performance in construction products using EPD certificates.


The International EPD® System

The International EPD® System is a non-profit program coordinator for Type III environment declarations according to ISO 14025.

Swedish Environmental Research Institute (IVL)

IVL (Swedish Environmental Research Institute) is owned by a foundation that is established jointly by the Swedish government and Swedish industry, and it is a non-profit, independent research organization.

JRC European Commission (EPLCA)

The European Commission’s Joint Research Council has launched the European Platform for Life Cycle Assessment (EPLCA) to improve accessibility to the life cycle data, methods and assessments under quality assurance.

Life Cycle Initiative (UNEP LCI)

The United Nations Environment Programme’s Life Cycle Initiative aims to encourage the idea of life cycle around the world and to facilitate global exchange of information with more than 2,000 experts and four regional networks in different continents.

Swedish Life Cycle Center (SLCC)

The Swedish Life Cycle Centre (formerly known as CPM) is an organization that aims to support the implementation and progress of the idea of life cycle in industry and in other sectors of the society.

Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation (FSLCI)

Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation is the first – and the most important – social organization that aims to offer services to its members and the global community of life cycle.

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