EPD Turkey Has Been Renewed!

With the principle of providing the best and the right service, SÜRATAM – The Turkish Centre for Sustainable Production, R&D and Design renewed the website of its brand EPD Turkey.


EPD Turkey is the first and only institution in Turkey, which registers and publishes ISO 14025 and EN 15804 compliant EPD (Environmental Product Declarations) documents. As EPD documents will become a serious barrier for tender offers and exports, SÜRATAM took on responsibilities and continue to be one of institutions which adds more value to Turkey. There are 170 products with EPD document and 46 climate declaration documents which are registered and published by EPD Turkey. 21 companies took steps and became a part of sustainable development in Turkey, by registering their EPD documents and becoming a member of SÜRATAM.


For more detailed information about EPD Documents, you can visit our website or you can contact us.



Focusing on four main activity areas of sustainable production and design, R&D, sustainable buildings and SÜRATAM Ventures, the centre continues to support R&D activities, to develop sustainable products and services, to offer research and development expertise and technical support to manufacturers on sustainable production, and to identify the needs in industry for sustainable future. With its valuable academic and advisory team, SÜRATAM aims to enable energy and resource efficient production through life cycle-oriented, sustainable design approaches.