Human Resources Policy

We adopt a policy that aims to develop both the company and the employees, by offering the best working conditions to our employees in the framework of the working spirit that results from international experience, and by enabling an intensive exchange of information. SÜRATAM is an innovative centre that is open to new ideas.

Internship at SÜRATAM

SÜRATAM always welcomes intern candidates who have set their career goals, who are innovative and who are able to work in teams. Please follow us for internship announcements. Click here to contact us.

New Graduates

New graduates who have successfully completed their undergraduate studies and are ready to start a career are welcome to take their first steps in business life at SÜRATAM. SÜRATAM reserves seats in its teams not only for experienced professionals, but also new graduates. Click here to contact us.

Experienced Professionals

SÜRATAM hires experienced professionals on the basis of the needs. Our purpose is to contribute to mutual development with candidates who can contribute to our centre. Click here to contact us.