Sustainable Buildings

Environmental Product Declaration – EPD

SÜRATAM is the coordinator of the EPD Turkey certification system for ISO 14025 Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). EPD Turkey is the only system in Turkey that issues internationally acknowledged and valid certificates, as well as ISO 14025- and EN 15804-compliant EPD certificates in English and Turkish. The EPD certificates issued by EPD Turkey are compliant with the European EN 15804 standard and address the need that arises for the products that target this market. Thus, EPD Turkey helps companies join the few best manufacturers in Europe in terms of manufacturing sustainable products and removes potential barriers to business.

EPD certificates can be issued for various sectors, and the primary demand comes from construction materials in green building certification systems (LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, HQE). The EPD certificates in Turkish which are published by EPD Turkey have been developed by SÜRATAM to create the infrastructure for the Green Building Assessment systems in Turkey. The Turkish Portal of Sustainable Construction Materials publishes documents for the same purpose.


MAS Certified Green®

MAS Certified Green® is a program that is accredited for performing and labelling volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions tests, which LEED deems mandatory in construction products for interior use. It was first established in 2005 by Materials Analytical Services (MAS), and it is a label that is issued for various indoor construction materials, furniture and flooring. It is a science-based, transparent program that aims to allow manufacturers to understand the variables and to actively contribute to the certification. More than 100 manufacturers and 2,500 products around the world have certifications.

MAS Certified Green® program aims to bring together performance and validated standards to identify the products with low VOC emissions and materials for indoor use. The products are tested per scientific standards, and the certification process is completely open to public access. It creates a public index of certified products to ensure access for architects, designers and consumers. The program also helps manufacturers monitor the VOC emissions of their own products, and helps facilitate access to low-emission products for relevant buyers. For detailed information click here.



In green building certification systems, a quantitative calculation of the environmental performance of the buildings is required. TurCoMDat has been developed in order to address the need for digital information on materials to be integrated into Building Information Modelling (BIM) systems to ensure optimization of environmental impact through design. The TurCoMDat database is a database that holds company-specific data on construction products manufactured in Turkey, specific manufacturing data for Turkey, and other environmental performance data, particularly on climate change. Negotiations are underway to allow European architects and contractors to access TurCoMDat, so that Turkish manufacturers of construction materials will have access to the emerging market of green buildings in Europe.

You can access TurCoMDat from here.

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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in Building Dimensions

Today, cost and other performance calculations are often performed for buildings; however, many wonder at the overall use of resources and environmental impact performance of buildings. As the developer of TurCoMDat, SÜRATAM can calculate environmental impact of any building type and any design by using products manufactured in Turkey. With such calculation, climate change impacts, energy and resource use of a building can easily be calculated so that action can be taken by the designers and specifiers for improvement. LCA reports are now becoming essential aspect of green building certification schemes.


EDGE Audit

The  Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies ( EDGE ) certification program, which is an innovation by IFC, a member of the World Bank group, is used in 130 countries including Turkey. SÜRATAM is one of the independent auditors of the EDGE system, which aims to reduce the impact of climate change by encouraging resource-efficient growth.