Production and Design

Resource Efficiency

The objectives of SÜRATAM include ensuring efficient and sustainable use of limited resources such as raw materials, energy or water, and improving competitiveness by reducing the impact on the environment and by creating higher added value through use of less input. Activities are in progress to develop a database to calculate resource efficiency on a sectoral basis using an LCA approach. Thus, SÜRATAM can quantitatively calculate the potential for resource efficiency by any company and by any sector. Establishing the baseline for bench-marking is the key for successful resource efficiency policies in Turkey.

Circular Economy Business Models

At SÜRATAM, the concept of Circular Economy, which enables society to obtain maximum value from resources and to adapt its consumption of resources in accordance with current and future needs, is shaped not only by an approach that addresses the domestic market but also in a way that fulfils the needs of European and global markets.

With our databases, we can help you develop your own circular business model. Measure your product’s circularity and calculate the eco-cost of your products and services.

3D Design, Prototyping and Manufacturing

SÜRATAM believes that 3D printing is indispensable to sustainable manufacturing and design activities, and supports relevant activities in this important field at the company and industry level. SÜRATAM launched the Corlu Product Design and Development Centre in 2015, demonstrating its commitment in this field.

Looking at sustainable design and manufacturing, we believe 3D printing technology will have a significantly positive impact. Although the technology has not yet reached a level to replace all manufacturing processes, it still allows reduction of emissions in prototyping, waste and transportation even in its current stage of development, and thus allows use of sustainable manufacturing practices in the industry. SÜRATAM supports these activities at the company and industry level, which are very important for sustainable manufacturing and for Turkey.

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