AKG Gazbeton Continues to Strengthen its Sustainability Vision!

AKG Gazbeton, which is the Turkish producer of thermally insulated, light weight, fire- and earthquake-proof blocks and plates, continues its sustainability efforts. Its updated EPD document for “Autoclaved Aerated Concrete” has been published by The International EPD System and EPD Turkey. The EPD document with registration number S-P-01259 will be valid for five more years in international systems.

Leading the industry with the broadest product ranges in Turkey, AKG Gazbeton performs manufacturing under three main product categories including block products, reinforced products and Minepor Insulating Board. AKG Gazbeton has become the biggest autoclaved aerated concrete manufacturer in Turkey, with Çorlu Enterprise which commenced operations in late 2011. Exporting to more than twenty countries across the world, mainly the European Union countries, AKG Gazbeton has an annual total autoclaved aerated concrete manufacturing capacity of 1.713.960 m3, including other investments.